The Kidrobot Dunny Apocalypse Series Is Full Of Bangs & Whimpers

As everyone knows, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012, so Kidrobot is making a Dunny series to celebrate this! However, the Mayan thing is a myth: their calendar is cyclical, and 2012 just signals the start of a new cycle. Anyway, this new 3″ series is apparently inspired by the Apocalypse. Let me just say that I love the apocalypse: mythology, pop culture, movies, books, I eat it all up! So you can guess that I was really excited when a week or so ago news of this leaked (though we didn’t have official shots until now).

However, the final product leaves me so disappointed. Most designs have nothing to do with the apocalypse: it’s just the artists’ usual designs gussied up with vague end of the world themes that are really hard to identify. There are a handful of good designs, but not enough to make me fork over for a case. This like had SO much potential and I feel like they completely wasted it. However, if it appeals to you you can pick up a single box for $9.95 on November 8th.

[via Kidrobot]


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