The Next Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Project Is IDOLM@STER


It’s been a while since we had a pre-order Dollfie! We had Snow Miku in January of last year, but she actually just shipped out and I got mine only 2 weeks ago. Volks is so slow, but worth it. Well, they’ve just announced the newest pre-order project and it’s IDOLM@STER! And 3 dolls instead of 2.

First up are Iori and Yayoi, who will be on the new Dollfie Dream Pretty bodies which are between a DDS and MDD. Yayoi is usually one of my least-favorite girls but I am so smitten with her face! Each of them retail for ¥60,000. Then we have Anastasia from Cinderella Girls, who will be on a Dollfie Dream Sister body. She has a face shape I usually love, and while I do like her I think the pronounced lashes are a little odd–but they look so lovely in some shots! Hard to tell what she’ll look like with a different wig and outift, though Volks always gives us a few pictures like that as orders open. Anastasia comes in at a bit more at ¥68,000. And of course, all 3 of them have alternate outfits!

Orders open up on October 8th and run until December 4th, and they won’t be out until fall of 2017 (so expect about a year’s wait). Sure, it’s a long time, but with something this pricey it’s great to have so much time to save up.

[via Volks]


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