This Custom Midna figma Is A Thing Of Beauty


After the rather lackluster job Max Factory did on figma Link, I was not really expecting any more characters from the series. Well, maybe Zelda, but that (probably) involves a full skirt which is not really something they are fond of doing. Which means that if you want other figmas from the Zelda universe, you’re going to have to make them yourself!

Of course most of us are not talented enough to do this, but it seems like at least one person is–and they’ve brought us a totally magnificent figma rendition of Midna, complete with light-up eyes (!!). Between that, the amazing base and the fantastic sculpting job this is a piece figma fans could only dream of owning. I mean, come on, even if MF took a crack at her… she’d never look this good. Sigh.

[via MuhPlastic]


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