This Final Fantasy Ultima Garage Kit Is Perfection


Since Square-Enix has a lockdown on the Final Fantasy licenses when it comes to PVC, us fans have to live vicariously through garage kits. And given FF’s popularity you’d think it would get a lot, but mysteriously we rarely see them. Well, even if there were thousands I have no doubt that this kit by PKKing (who also did The Swan) would be the cream of the crop!

The detail here is just… astounding. Her wings, her face, her dress! Oh, and she’s also 20 inches tall. The design is from FFXII, and in my opinion is one of the best summon designs (as it well should be, given what a pain in the butt it is to get to her!). I know there is literally zero chance that we’ll ever get a PVC version of this, but I’m going to pray to the figure gods anyway. And maybe, you know, sacrifice some stuff, because she’s worth it.

[via PKKing]


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