ThreeA To Pay Tribute To Steve Jobs With Ap-Pel Caesar

Earlier today we showed you the newest addition to the WWR world of ThreeA, Caesar, and now, we have an image of the secret colorway, which is, by far, the best colorway. This tribute piece to Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs entitled Ap-Pel features the classic 80s Apple rainbow on the shield as well as Steve J written on its chest. It also comes in a beige colorway familiar to anyone who owned a Mac computer pre-iMac and is without a doubt, one of the best tie ins I’ve ever seen. This figure will be released alongside the other pieces on Wednesday the 14th at 9:00 am Hong Kong time on the Bambaland store and is said to be about the same run size as all of the other colorways. I’d love to add this piece to my collection, but at $230, it’s quite pricey, but are any of you readers thinking of picking this piece up due to its amazing colorway?

[via the ThreeA forums]


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