Today On The Internet: Custom D.Va Nendoroid


Overwatch is definitely the game of the moment, but given that it’s a US game we’re not likely to see many figures from it. I mean, many PVC figures, I’m sure we’ll get POPs of every character and all their alternate skins by the time Funko is done with them. But man, I’m sure we all want a really cool scaled figure of our mains. It’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream. And if you’re a talented customizer, you can just make it yourself!

That’s what the awesome Gale XV did with this D.Va Nendoroid. Using parts from Agaki, Rider, Elsa, and Snow Miku 2016 they’ve crafted not only a perfect D.Va but a totally amazing and immersive setup for her. Burgers on the table! Bunnies on the ground! Even a tv all set up to play the game. I’m so impressed by this–GSC, people would pay good money for some production Overwatch Nendos! We all want a tiny edgelord harassing our collection.

[via Gale XV’s Instagram]


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