Tony Taka’s Rin & Len Finally Prepare For Pre-Order


The Tony Taka Vocaloid line has been incredibly slow going. Miku came out in 2011, and Luka followed a little while later. But the twins? They were announced over 2 years ago. Not only is that a year+ gap in announcements, but a huge amount of time before we even saw them sculpted! It seems like these will be the last, though (unless Tony decides to do a few more illustrations?) so the wait for a complete set is almost over.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t even like the twins. Like, at all. Their design is just unappealing to me, so I really expected to dislike these figures. But Max Factory has worked some kind of magic, because they look gorgeous! The sculpts are crisp and beautiful–so much detail, especially in the hair. Not to mention the absolutely stunning paint that really brings them to life. And they’ll have piano bases! But are they worth ¥12,000 (each)? Decide soon, because orders open tonight!

[via Kahotan]


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