Toy Fair 2014: DC Collectibles’ Bombshell Statues


DC’s Bombshell line has been a perennial favorite of mine, combining two things I love: superheroines and pinup girls! They had three of these beauties at Toy Fair that we got to take a closer look at. The first is Black Canary, who we have seen before, but since she is my favorite in the line it’s always nice to see her again! Then there’s Stargirl: while I don’t dig her outfit, I love that her pose is a shout-out to the traditional pinup witch.

Last and certainly not least is their new addition to the line, Zatanna. She might actually trump Black Canary as my favorite! They, of course, kept her magician theme though they brought it to a sultry, stage-magician place that is totally fantastic. The rose collar, her tattoos, the clear smoke… it’s so gorgeous! Not to mention the amazing job they did on her face. Dem. Lips. And she has a BUNNY COMPANION! Note that since this is their one prototype at the moment, so her fuzzy companion has suffered a mishap and his tie is broken. It obviously won’t be on the finished piece!


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