Toy Fair 2014: Grumpy Cat Merchandise


Guys. GUYS. So pretty much the best thing ever happened at Toy Fair. It’s usually our favorite convention due to the lack of crowds, getting to bring momos to toy companies, and the overall chill atmosphere. But this year brought it to a whole ‘nother level. Do you see the header? YES IT IS GRUMPY CAT. IN THE FUR. WE GOT TO MEET HER. THERE ARE SO MANY PICTURES. WITH US. ALSO. GRUMPY CAT. She is SO TINY D’AWWW.

Oh, and uhh toys. Because this is a toy site! Haha we didn’t just post Grumpy Cat! But let me tell you… if we met her and there were no toys, there’d be a gallery anyway. Because we have a literal cat addiction. But indeed, plenty of Grumpy Cat plushes abound in the gallery, along with shirts and DID I MENTION GRUMPY CAT?


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