Toy Fair 2014: Kidrobot’s DC Comics Figures


Kidrobot has been collaborating with Marvel for a while now, and at Toy Fair they announced that they’re teaming up with DC too! This seems to be a trend: it happened with Sideshow and Kotobukiya, so this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. The announcements, however, are a mixed bag. Let’s start with the great: the Labbit line looks amazing and I want all of them right now!

Their character miniseries, however, has highs and lows. They went with a very cutesy, almost infantile style that works well on some characters (kawaii Superman, ahh!), is kind of horrifying on some (the smiling Joker, nightmare fuel), and is dementedly cute on others (little Deadman, yes please). Others, like Wonder Woman, just look… off. If someone offers these un-blind boxed I will for sure snap up a few (Swamp Thing, come to momma).


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