Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya’s DC Comics ArtFX Statues


Kotobukiya always has a huge booth no matter the event, and of course Toy Fair is no exception–but we are finally at the end of our coverage! We got to see the Wonder Woman ArtFX, Star Wars merchandise, Wolverine, Arkham Origin ArtFX+, DC ArtFX+, Marvel ArtFX+, the anime figures, and Bishoujo figures. Plus we took a closer look at Starfire, Master Chief, Cammy, Wolverine, Han Solo & Chewie, Spider-Woman, and Rocket Raccoon.

So what haven’t we covered? The DC statues, of course! And as you probably guessed they had a whole lot of Superman and Batman, both movie and comic based, along with Deathstroke. Check them out in the gallery below!


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