Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya’s Spider-Woman Bishoujo Gallery


We already took a quick peek at Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman, and although she’s already up for order, we actually never got to take a gallery of her painted… and now’s as good a time as any! Many have made claims that she has the best Bishoujo face (though I think Starfire is giving her a good run for her money), so of course I had to see this beauty up close and personal.

The things that bug other people about this figure–her super clear hair and the spider-web armpits–are the parts I love the most. And the only thing really keeping me from having her in my absolute top is the boob sock effect… though it’s mitigated a little bit by the wrinkles in her suit, I find it kind of a throwback to how busty many of the original Bishes were. But her face is absolutely gorgeous, and her pose is so original! Ahh, internal boob conflict. We meet again.


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