Toy Fair 2014: Kotobukiya’s Wolverine Fine Art Statue Gallery


The other day we showed you that Erick Sosa was working on a brand new Wolverine sculpt in the Marvel Fine Art Statue line for Kotobukiya, but we were unsure of whether or not it would make it in time for the show. Well, as you can tell from the mere existence of this post, it most certainly arrived, and oh boy does it deliver!

I can’t even begin to describe just how incredibly stunning and inspiring this piece is to look at in person. The sculpting work is so out of this world that I can’t even think of anything remotely close to this level of detail, raw power, emotion, and expression of a character — seriously, it’s that good! The musculature looks so lifelike due to a ton of unique tricks, miniscule little hairs exist on his arms and head, and all around, this is hands down the best Wolverine figure to ever be produced. The regular face is great as is, but this bad boy comes with an alternate screaming face that is, quite possibly, the single greatest head sculpt I’ve ever seen put into production. So what’re you waiting for? Go look at this marvel right away in the gallery!



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