Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA’s Booth Overview


We have seen a bit from ThreeA so far this Toy Fair like their Dr. Doom, Iron Man, and the new figure lines. But of course that wasn’t all that they packed into their booth! There were also Squares. Little ones, big ones, chubby ones, um… well, they’re all kind of chubby aren’t they? So many Squares! I want them all.

I guess there were some non-Square related things, but who cares?! Oh that’s right, everyone who isn’t me. Metal Gear Rex, Portal and Team Fortress made an appearance, along with the obligatory Tomorrow Kings & Queens and Adventure Kartel in a new size. There are new figures in a “Parade” line featuring FAT APPLE BIRDS? What even give them all to me. Then there are creepy doll girls called Sleepers and some other stuff you can totes check out after the jump.


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