Toy Fair 2015: DC Collectibles’ Booth Overview


We’ve already seen a lot of what DC had on offer at Toyfair: Bombshells and Covergirls, TV and cartoon toys, and of course some new action figures. But there was more! Because their booth was a labyrinth of figures that you could never escape from. Just kidding, there were lots of exists, but it sure took a hell of a long time to finish shooting everything in it.

There was really a little bit of everything here. Want a Deadman action figure? A super adorable black & white Batgirl statue? A badass motorcyle-riding Harley? The world’s weirdest Wonder Woman? A Green Arrow & Black Canary figure so sickly-sweet it makes me want to vomit? It’s all there, so check it out (and more!) in the gallery!


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