Toy Fair 2015: Kidrobot Booth Overview


After Kidrobot’s buyout by Neca, I think we were all a little curious about the direction they’d be moving in. I mean, Kidrobot has always been a niche company and now they’re owned by a merchandising juggernaut. We’ve already seen one of their new lines at Toy Fair, and a licensed one at that: the Adventure Time series. And from what we’ve seen at the event, they’re trying to strike a balance between old and new, original and licensed merchandise.

For example, we have a Megaman figure and a line of Cartman blind boxes, but they’ve also announced a line of 3″ Trickys! It’s nice to see them using some of the other Dunny-family sculpts in this size, especially because it might mean an artist series in the future. For their 10-year anniversary, they’re also re-releasing the original three soild colorway Dunnys–yes, the super-ultra-rare ones! While all 3 colors (black, red, silver) are getting redone, we got word that silver will be the rarest of the trio. It’ll be interesting to see what the new management brings out for SDCC!


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