Toy Fair 2015: Kotobukiya’s DC Comics Super Powers


One of Kotobukiya’s big announcements at NYCC was a brand-new ArtFX+ Super Powers line, which traces its roots to the old Kenner action figures. I wasn’t exactly sure how it would turn out, but they’re definitely the smash hit of Toy Fair now that they’re actually sculpted and (partially) painted. Something about them is just so super nostalgic without veering into cheesy or pandering territory.

So far we have the Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman fully sculpted–and look at Superman’s extra action arm! Robin and Batman are sculpted, and we already know the next three in the line: Hawkman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Though be assured that if these are successful, we’ll definitely be getting a Wave 2–maybe with villains even!


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