Toy Fair 2015: Kotobukiya’s Halo ArtFX+


Halo always fills me with nostalgia, because it’s the game my friends and I used to play in the senior lounge of our highschool. Which seems about a million years ago, what is up with this aging thing? Eighteen year old me thought I’d be carefree and video-game playing forever, so at least one of those was right. The video game part, obviously. With age comes stress.

But hey, this is a post about toys! Halo toys! With someone who is definitely not called Master Chef, which is what I thought the first time I heard his name. True story. Check out Kotobukiya’s new ArtFX+ Halo figures after the jump! I love the interchangeable armor, though sadly it’s not compatible with the other ArtFX+ characters–we totally tried with Iron Man, it was not a success.


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