Toy Fair 2015: Kotobukiya’s Marvel ArtFX+ Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster


One of the single coolest things we’ve seen at this year’s Toy Fair so far is the recently announced Hulk vs Hulkbuster ArtFX+ figures by Kotobukiya. Featuring the fight from the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie in stunning 3D, these 1/10th scale figures are anything but what one thinks of when they hear 1/10th scale; they’re massive. Each figure will come separately with the Hulk at a price point of $69.99 and the Hulkbuster at $199.99, but I really cannot see displaying these without having both, they just work that well with each other. I’ve also seen quite a lot of complaints about the $199.99 price for Hulkbuster, but, having seen this behemoth in person, not only is he larger than most of the 1/6th scale Fine Arts statues, he’s also much more intricate and detailed; the paintwork on the Hulkbuster armor is simply stunning.

We also learned that the Hulkbuster was sculpted in a unique way: Kotobukiya received the 3D model data for the suit that’s used by the SFX team working on the movie to be able to print out the suit as a 100% replica from the screen, which was then put together and moved into the pose wanted for the statue, but then re-touched by hand completely by their sculptor Abe, who mixed these two methods to produce something true to screen, but also have the fluidity of something hand sculpted. I really am blown away by these pieces and their sheer enormity, detail, and most importantly raw emotion that they convey. These are some of the best figures I’ve seen in a long time and $270 for a centerpiece this large and elaborate is a steal.


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