Toy Fair 2016: GSC’s Batman Nendoroid Gallery


We’ve taken a look at Batman’s nemesis/best bud Superman, but now it’s time for the dark knight himself! I’m a huge Batman fan. I wrote a paper in college about Batman (and the ethics of killing the Joker). But I gotta admit, I just don’t love this design! It’s the chubby little ears, I think. And how mecha he looks. I’m more of a fan of Good Smile’s original Batman Nendoroid, who was just too precious. But even I have to admit that this design looks freaking adorable as a Nendo. It’s, like, bonus chubby. Way too chubs for me to take Batfleck seriously. He’s just so precious! I hope he comes with an unmasked face so I can make a custom Gone Girl Nendo.


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