Toy Fair 2016: GSC’s Superman Nendoroid Gallery


I have a confession, guys. I actually liked Man of Steel. Maybe not as a true Superman movie because, come on, he kills like thousands of people? Which is the exact opposite of what Supes would do? But I enjoyed it. And while I have no plans to see Batman v Superman (Bale is the Batman of my heart and I accept no other), I’m totally into their Nendoroid formats.

We’ll be taking a look at both today, but first is hunky Henry Cavill Superman. Ah, his surly little face! It’s so cute! I wonder what it’s like for a real person to look at their Nendoroid form. I mean, they’re so bizarrely distorted. Is Henry just sitting around somewhere holding one going, “do I really look like this??” I sure hope so.


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