Toy Fair 2016: Kotobukiya’s Alien Big Chap ArtFX+


When I was a kid, I wanted desperately to watch Alien. I was really into horror (not really a phase I ever grew out of!) but my mom said, “no Leah, it’s too scary for you!” And she was hella right, man. It spooked me even when I was old enough to watch it. But then again, I have like the world’s lowest scare threshold. I’m Dean in Yellow Fever.

Anyway, that was just a really long way of saying that I love the Alien franchise. Who doesn’t? Monsters, that is who. Because xenomorphs are great and creepy and everyone wants a big one just lurking around in their house! Which is what you get with the Big Chap ArtFX+. Your own lil psycho alien killer. Aww! They also showed off the outline for the alien dog, who I am ALL ABOUT. Creepy animals? Sign me the hell up.

[UPDATE] Added the sculpt for Dog Alien from the gallery via Koto


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