Toy Fair 2016: Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ New 52 Joker Gallery


I tend to have very mixed feelings about the Joker. I love almost all of his many permutations, but when I hate one (like The Killing Joke Joker or New 52 Joker) I really hate them. I mean, I certainly have bigger New 52 issues than the Joker (Wonder Woman’s new backstory, why?), but he’s certainly not my fave. Even if the whole peeling off his face thing did make for some cool panels.

But, of course, lots of people love New 52 Joker! So it’s not very surprising that Kotobukiya added him to their New 52 Villains ArtFX+. And even I am almost won over by him: the pose is just so clever, with the knife showing but the gun hidden behind his back. His body looks almost broken, which is definitely fitting for his character: such odd angles! Check him out in full after the jump.


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