Toy Fair 2016: Kotobukiya’s Spider Gwen Bishoujo Gallery


I was pretty hype when Kotobukiya announced that their next Marvel Bishoujo would be Spider Gwen, mostly because I am all about her color scheme and that amazing pattern on the inside of her hood. Plus she’s a more dynamic character that gives us something a little different from what we usually see in the Bishoujo line: it’s kind of hard to totally sex her up (not because of the outfit–we saw plenty of that with Spider-Woman), her personality just doesn’t fit it.

We saw a bit of her at Wonder Festival, but of course I was most excited to see her in person. It seemed like they’d actually sculpted her less busty than the art, and I love the softer look they went for with her face. Of course I’m probably going to display the masked head, but it’s really great that they included this option.


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