Toy Fair 2017: DC Collectibles’ Bombshells

It’s no secret that the world of statues is not exactly my bread & butter. I usually find them way out of budget and not quite as detailed as the (much cheaper) PVC counterparts. But there’s one line I have always adored: DC’s Bombshells! They’re just so campy in the best way, and they always pull out great & creative sculpts for it.

This year they had quite a few out and about. Including the biggest announcement so far: Aquaman. That’s right, we now have male Bombshells! Sexism is over, because we can now get topless dudes with our scantily clad ladies. Batman and Nightwing next please. They also had Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Vixen, Jesse Quick (the Flash), and Starfire out on display. Check them all out after the jump!


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