Toy Fair 2017: Funko’s Ghost in the Shell Pops

Given all of the “is the Ghost in the Shell movie racist because ScarJo is in it even though the original creator wanted her?!” nonsense surrounding the American GitS, it’s hard to remember that yes, it’s actually coming out soon and of course there will be a ton of merchandise. It’ll be interesting to see if any Japanese PVC companies take it on (ArtFX+, maybe?) but for now we have a surprise POP line from Funko.

There are 3 characters in it (so far): Major, Geisha, and Batou. I don’t remember ScarJo’s hair being that blue-tipped in the 97 previews I’ve seen, but let’s just roll with it. I sure hope they make a Geisha with the alternate head-explody face!


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