Toy Fair 2017: Kotobukiya’s Arrow ArtFX+ Gallery

So how are you guys enjoying this season of Felicity & Friends? I have seen exactly one episode, and granted I was at the gym so maybe I wasn’t paying close attention. But man, aliens in the DC world sure play it fast and loose, huh? You’d think posting even a single guard around kidnapped people would be mandatory. Not in ~tv land~

Anyway, Kotobukiya’s Arrow ArtFX+ was one of the figures we got to take out from behind the glass at Toy Fair. Look at his little arrows! He’s totally gonna attempt to shoot you with them but I doubt it would really hurt. Pew pew, watch out for tiny Arrow! Do you ever look at all these small scale superhero figures and imagine them trying to take down a normal-sized human in some sort of epic boss battle? And the human is you? No…. just me?


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