Toy Fair 2017: Kotobukiya’s DC Figures

I’ve never really understood the ‘Marvel vs DC’ mentality (don’t most comic fans read them both?) but if I was absolutely forced to pick I would be on Team DC. Because I’m basic as heck and I love Batman. So sue me! And, of course, I love me a good DC figure. Like the new Katana art they had out!

Kotobukiya had quite a few DC figures on display at Toy Fair, like the huge 1/6 scale Justice League (well, at least Batman/Superman/Flash/Wonder Woman/Green Lantern). And Bishoujos Harley Quinn, Wonder Girl, the Killing Joke statue (which is getting a re-release), the Villains line in all their evil glory, and some of the classic cartoony ArtFX+.


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