Toy Fair 2017: Kotobukiya’s Ms. Marvel Bishoujo Gallery

On the first day of Toy Fair, we brought you the debut of Kotobukiya’s Ms Marvel Bishoujo. But as per usual, we also got to take her out for a little spin! I mean that literally, because we gently put them on a table and spin ’em around to get all the angles. It’s very professional and fancy, you know.

I’m really loving the new direction the Bishoujo line seems to be taking. Sure, I love the classic sexy style Shunya brings to a lot of them (and that’s certainly not going away anytime soon), but I also appreciate the softer take some of them have been getting. Like Squirrel Girl or Ms Marvel, where the focus is more on cuteness than “wow T&A!” It’s not a style that fits every superheroine, so it’s nice to see the line both expanding to fit those girls but also changing a bit so they still look Shunya-illustrated but also not out of character!


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