Toy Fair 2017: Kotobukiya’s Star-Lord and Groot ArtFX Gallery

I have a confession, guys: I am really superhero’d out. There are just SO MANY tv shows and movies (and novels now too apparently) based on the DC and Marvel worlds. I’ve experienced overload and now it’s hard to work up the energy to care about them. But there is one big, sparkling exception to that: Guardians of the Galaxy. Do you know how excited I am for Vol 2? VERY EXCITED.

So of course I was hella pumped at the reveal of a Star-Lord ArtFX statue at Toy Fair. Especially because he’s perfect. They absolutely nailed the face, and the detail on the outfit is astounding. And he’s a generous 1/6 scale, so definitely a centerpiece kind of figure. Plus BABY GROOT. It just couldn’t get any better. Unless, of course, they made matching statues of the rest of the cast…


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