Toy Fair 2017: Kotobukiya’s Supergirl ArtFX+ Gallery

Supergirl, Supergirl~

Kotobukiya always has a lot of surprises for us at Toy Fair, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to see their Supergirl ArtFX+ sculpted already. This line is really moving at… super speed. Okay, I promise I will stop with the terrible jokes now. Probably.

So a rough sculpt of Supergirl was out and about, and we got to see some of her display options: she will have both arms at her sides, arms on her hips, and crossed arms (which they did not have at the event). While it’s certainly not a show I am crazy about, the details are still impressive: her skirt seriously looks just like fabric! It’s fun to compare this to their old ArtFX+ of her or even the Bishoujo and see how far they’ve come with those tiny sculpted details.


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