Toy Fair 2017: Square Enix’s DC Play Arts Kai Figures

Square-Enix’s DC line has always been a head-scratcher for me. The designs, from the first ones they put out to the Tetsuya Nomura designs, are so very strange and out-there. Maybe that’s the appeal! But they’re really pushing the boundary of “what even am I looking at” with their new Harley Quinn & The Joker. Because these seemingly normal Play-Arts Kai transform into… robot Harley and robot Joker. Wat.

The Joker has some strange exo-suit going on and Harley looks like an extra from Bubblegum Crisis. I… I kind of love it. It’s just SO weird, and the Joker has about 20 thousand extra heads. Part of me is like “why” and the other part is all “think of the toy photography opportunities!!”


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