Toy Fair 2017: Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Figures

Final Fantasy used to be my gaming lifeblood. I have sunk so many hundreds of hours into those games, and they were absolutely my most anticipated releases. Until XIII, which I have tried 3 times to get into. Like literally, I’ve restarted the game 3 times hoping to feel the spark. Nada. So while I pre-ordered XV, I still haven’t touched it. Basically at this point I’m just waiting patiently for the XII remaster, sigh. At least I have my Fran Play-Arts to keep me company!

They had quite a few Play-Arts Kai from the FF world at Toy Fair (though sadly none from World of Final Fantasy, how cute would those be?). There’s Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Nyx Ulric, and Cindy Aurum from XV, and Cloud & Barret from VII. Then there’s what I am all about: plushes! Chocobos to fill the void in your heart, Moogles to make you happy. And a bonus slime from Dragon Quest, to go with the 5 million you probably already own if you’re anything like me.


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