Toy Fair 2018: Kotobukiya’s Evil Dead Ash Bishoujo Gallery

Last summer at San Diego Comic Con we got word that Kotobukiya would be making a bishoujo of Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2, and now, at Toy Fair, we finally got to see that teaser art in its glorious full sculpt. What was on hand at Toy Fair was actually a test cast sample and not even a paint master, so, this is relatively close sculpt wise to what will be appearing in your homes, and boy is she gorgeous! Do note that there’s a few blemishes and breaks here due to transport, which is a testament to the amount of detail and fine sections on this piece.

I really love all of the fringe on her clothing, the hand coming out of the floor that she’s standing on, the addition of the book of the dead, and well, honestly, all of it. The chainsaw looks great, her clothes are incredibly detailed, and this is honestly one of the best bishoujo figures I’ve seen yet. Now hit the gallery and get to drool over her too!


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