Travel Back In Time With Kotobukiya’s Atem


Kotobukiya’s Yu-Gi-Oh line has been a consistent fan favorite, and I know I’ve been head over heels in love with it since the inception. I mean, everyone who grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh wants nothing more than figures of those guys and their weird hair. And… maybe of the human ladies too, though so far that hasn’t happened (Mai Valentine when?).

Since they have covered a large chunk of the modern main cast (except for poor forgotten Pegasus), it’s time for a little time-travel with Atem! We last saw him unpainted at Wonder Festival, but now he is all painted and ready to go with a March release date. His price is a reasonable ¥9,000 and if you pre-order through Kotobukiya US you get an amazing bonus: a 1/1 scale version of his golden cartouche!

Pre-Order At: KotoUS (with bonus) | HLJ | AmiAmi


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