Jump Festa: MegaHouse’s GEM Line

MegaHouse’s GEM line is pretty much the leading force in male figures, considering how hard the POPs are to get and how damn slow Altair is. They showed off 4 of their newer additions at Jump Festa, 3 of which we already knew about. We got to see Gintama‘s Kamui, Tiger & Bunny‘s Kaburagi T. Kotetsu and Makoto Shishio from Ruroni Kenshin is now painted!

The new figure is Rin Okumura from Aoi no Exorcist and his cute kitty Kuro! While the guy isn’t that interesting in terms of design, oh my goodness do I like the cat! The sculpts on all of these male figures seem like they will live up to the standard of the line, and hopefully we’ll see them up for order in the near future.

[via Hobbystock]


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