Treasure Festa in Ariake 9 Garage Kit Roundup


There are a massive amount of figure-related events in Japan. Usually we cover the big ones that involve PVC: Wonder Festival, Comiket, MegaHobby, Tamashii Nations, et cetera. But of course the garage kit community probably puts out ten times as much as the PVC world, they are just a lot harder to get! The most recent gk event will be Treasure Festa in Ariake 9, which takes place on May 5th–yes, only a few days away!

So today we’re bringing you a roundup of some of the best kits that will be at the event, complete with the circle’s name in case you are lucky enough to be at the event and have the money and speed to snag one. My favorites are the adorable Yagyu from Senran Kagura and Atelier Hiro’s graceful Miku, but there’s a whole lot more–even a Kaito and an awesome Shin Megami kit with both Jack Frost and Pyro Jack! Check them all out after the jump.

[via fg-site, Moonlighter, Mr. Surprise, T’s System, Pink Panders, Glemo, ooxoo]


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