Treasure Festa In Ariake 9: Grizzry Panda


I am totally in love with Grizzry Panda right now–I bet you never would have guessed, given at how closely I guard this secret. My sculptor crush only had a few figures at Treasure Festa, but as always they were built to impress and surely drew quite a crowd. The teased Akane from Vividred Operation was there, being everything the GSC version is not: mainly, totally awesome and wonderful and sigh why has no one signed Grizzry yet?!

He also had his Altines, finally painted after all these months! She had a companion figure, the wow-worthy Altlene who I would like a PVC version of right now than you very much. From Alter preferably. Seriously, I’m sure at this point he’s been scoped out like Kiking and countless other sculptors before him–maybe no company has offered up enough money yet? Or perhaps Grizzry just really loves the gk scene?

[via Akiba Photography]


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