Ultimate Homura Gets A Garage Kit


[Note: This post contains spoilers for Madoka Magica!]

So by now everyone knows about Ultimate Madoka, but what about Homura’s final form? After all, the very last shot of the show is dedicated to her amazing witch wings! And Homura seems to be a far more popular character than Madoka, especially in garage kit circles. So, finally, makers are taking this into their own hands–Lunar Farside will be selling a kit of her at Winter Wonder Festival.

Now, this sculpt is far from perfect–the face is off, and there’s way too much T&A for a Madoka figure–but I adore the concept! I’d love to see a sculptor like Grizzry Panda take on this design or, dare I say it, GSC themselves to go along with their Goddess Madoka?

[via fg-site]


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