Vertex Shows Off Their Mitsuru Kirijou And Ikaruga


Vertex has been teasing their lovely Mitsuru from Persona 3 (in her Persona 4 Arena garb, just to make it extra confusing) for some time now, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my hands on this version of one of my all-time favorite characters. Finally, we are getting a full preview–and she looks amazing! I’ve been a big fan of Vertex since their impressive Asuka, and Mitsuru doesn’t disappoint, she looks flawless in almost every way. Except, perhaps, for the extra eye accessory, but you don’t have to put that on so let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist. Her coat is also removable, which is pretty damn cool and a feature I wasn’t expecting! But she won’t come cheap–Mitsuru retails for ¥12000, which you may be thinking is a lot for a 1/7 scale figure but GSC charges more for their 1/8 ladies so really, I am more than willing to fork over the cash for her.

There’s another preview as well, their Ikaruga from Senran Kagura! My opinion on her hasn’t really changed from when we first saw her. The paint is great and I like the movement and the pose, but the floating boobs are just a huge turnoff. I wish they’d made her more realisitically reacting to gravity and she’d be a buy, but for right now even at her price of ¥8,800 this is a pass. They are both listed as August releases but I have a sneaking suspicion that will change once they go up for order.

[via Vertex’s Blog]


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