Volks Announces Dollfie Dream Luka & More

Choo choo, all aboard the Vocaloid hype train~

This is an announcement I was expecting, but am still excited about. To follow up Dollfie Dreams Miku, Snow Miku, and Rin & Len, Volks will be adding Luka Megurine! AKA my favorite Vocaloid girl, I’m such a sucker for that long pink hair. Hopefully she will be a pre-order like all the others!

They also announced two new Miku DD outfits from 7th Dragon that are just gorgeous. I’m sure they will be in the $150-200 range because the wig might be included, but honestly… totally worth it. I’ve skipped all the previous alt Miku outfits, but if pre-orders for this open at the same time as Luka they are coming home to me.

[via the Dollfie Dream Twitter]


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