Volks Announces Fate/Grand Order Dollfie Dreams

In a surprise move, Volks has shown off two fully finished Dollfie Dreams for their next pre-order project and both are a total surprise. I know we were all hoping for Nier or Luka, but we’re getting… more Saber! Fate/Grand Order Saber and Jeanne d’Arc, to be exact.

I’m going to be honest: I am not happy with this decision. We have so very many Saber Dollfies already, and it looks like the new one has the same head sculpt. Jeanne is pretty, but do we NEED more Fate Dollfies that are, essentially, Saber clones? I’d much prefer any of the Casters. Or, like, any other character. Ishtar? A new Rin? But nope, it’s DD Saber again. They will be pre-order dolls so no rush to enter a lottery! Hopefully this isn’t like the last set, though, where Volks wanted the whole cost upfront. Since these have armor & swords they will likely be around $1,000 each, and I can’t imagine casually dropping 2k for a product you won’t get for a year!

[via Volks]


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