Volks Brings Holiday Cheer With Their New Dollfie Dream


Santa Alter, just put Excalibur under the tree, for me…. I’ve been an awful good girl~

So, Volks really loves Saber from Fate/Stay Night. We’ve gotten a ton of versions of her, including regular, Lily, Alter, and Extra. Now it’s time for one more! In a very strange choice (no Mordred?) they’ve gone with Santa Saber aka Rider. A real character from Fate/Grand Order. What is this franchise turning into?!

In any case, this doll is basically Saber Alter (who, remember, was a pre-order doll so there are lots of her on the market!) in Christmas-themed clothing. Not their most exciting release, no? To be honest this seems like a shameless money grab: why not just release the outfit? Why not give us OG Rider, a Dollfie fans have been clamoring for? Or Caster/Caster Extra? The answer is money.

[via the DD Twitter]


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