Volks Brings Us Another Bodacious Selvaria


When it comes to Valkyria Chronicles’ Selvaria, there’s a noticeable trend: increased bust size. It wasn’t noticeable on her original figures from Alter or Enterbrain, but more recently (especially with swimsuit ones) Raita has really gone all out with the boobage. See Alter and Volks‘ bikini Selvarias, and the more recent Vertex sculpt.

I thought there might be a lull in her figures for a while, but Volks is bringing back a project announced a year and a half ago: a 1/4 scale CharaGumin Selvaria! Yup, 1/4 scale. So very expensive. But also very pretty! I’m loving almost all of this… except once again, inflated bust. Not nearly as bad as Vertex’s but she has Raita’s obnoxious signature floating boobs. If they were a bit more naturally shaped like Misae I wouldn’t even second guess this purchase.

[via Hobbyholic]


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