Volks’ Dollfie Blog Gives Us Our First Look At Saber Alter and Saber Extra

Information seemed to trickle in in regards to the newest Dollfie Dream Sabers; first we saw the teaser image showing the two swords, then we saw Saber Alter’s new design, and a few days later pricing information was put up on Volks’ website prematurely. Now, thanks to the DD blog, we have full images of the actual dolls and their outfits! While everyone seemed to be falling head over heals for the new DDH-06, Yukino, and Aoi, people seemed to have forgotten that Saber Alter and Saber Extra were just on the horizon, and when I say just, I mean as in their orders will open later tonight!

Saber Alter has the same faceup as her original release, which is still quite stunning, but the real thing to talk about here is her gorgeous new dress. Her jogging set and swimwear set are also shown off and both look quite adorable, especially the long sweat-jacket of the jogging set, which looks somewhat like a dress due to its length. We also got our first look at Saber Extra, who looks flat out amazing. While retaining the same head sculpt as the original Saber and both Saber Alters, she does have quite different faceup making her look a tad more fierce than the others. I love the translation of the dress from art to reality and her sword, designed by huke, is something to marvel.

Both of these girls will be on the DD III body as previously mentioned with Saber Alter having an M bust and Saber Extra having an L bust. As previously mentioned, both of these will open for orders tonight on the Volks international website and the order period is from the 23rd in Japan until October 30th, but for those across the world here in the US, we’ll have a different order period Volks US that we’ll keep you up to date on. Lastly, Saber Alter has taken a slight jump in price from the announced ¥59,000 to ¥62,000, which isn’t too bad and still makes both of these incredibly reasonably priced. Are any of you readers thinking about ordering either or both of these? If so let us know in the comments!

[via Volks’ DD blog]


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