Volks’ Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS, Revealed!

FINALLY! Volks has been teasing their Xenosaga project for what seems like forever, most recently with a blurry shot of Momo. So it’s surprising that the first to get a full reveal is KOS-MOS. Well, here she is, and her face is stunning. Personally, I really like the blend of DD and SD style they’ve been going for recently, evident on Rise and now KOS-MOS. That human-looking nose is so cute, and her face is really mature.

The hair, however, is totally the wrong color. This is version 4 KOS, but that’s the hair color she had in version 2. Why! I was so looking forward to a pale blue wig, but oh well. I bet you could find a good match on another store. Other than the hair I have zero complaints, she meets my expectations and looks very much like her in-game art. Plus she comes with blue AND red eyes. Fancy!

[via the DD Twitter]


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