Volks’ Hobby Round 15


Volks used to have a pretty decent PVC presence. They had a specific PVC line, and while it was exclusive (and prone to insane delays) they produced some very nice things. Especially the ToHeart 2 line, which had particularly fantastic figures of Tamaki & Sasara. But they’ve all but abandoned those, putting all their efforts into the CharaGumin line: which is like garage kits without any of the benefit of garage kits. They’re pre-painted resin, so they’re easy to assemble, but the paint jobs are pretty basic (nothing like the promo shots) so you need to do work on them anyway. But the sculpts are stuff you could get in PVC anyway, and don’t have any of the intricacies we see in the great gks.

But, apparently, they’re popular enough to churn out a bunch because they sure did show some off at Hobby Round 15. From a decent Saber Bride to a terrifying (but seasonal) Super Pochaco, there’s something for everyone who feels like emptying their wallets!

[via Dengeki]


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