Volks Unveils Dollfie Dreams Rin & Len


About 6 months ago, we found out that Volks would be taking on a Vocaloid who wasn’t Miku Hatsune. In fact, two of them–the twins Rin & Len. Which is surprising because 1) I think we assumed they’d do Luka next and 2) Len would be their first male Dollfie Dream, which is kind of a big deal and something customers have been clamoring for for years. Unsurprisingly, their kind-of-rival comany Danny Choo is also producing male dolls. Can’t help but wonder if that helped them make this decision!

Anyway, we’re finally getting the reveal for these two. Most surprisingly, they’re not going to be pre-order style releases but regular lottery dolls at Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 6 with an online lottery on August 13th. For very selfish reasons I’m happy about this (I want different pre-order dolls since these two aren’t my style at all) but I’m also surprised at the choice. Rin retails for ¥64,814 and Len is a little more expensive at ¥69,44. Do you plan on entering for either of them?

[via the DD Blog]


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