Wananeko Heads To Toycon UK


We’ve talked about our love for Javier Jimenez’s Wananeko vinyl cat figure before, and today we have a new update on this little fellow! He’ll be heading across the pond to Toycon UK which takes place this Saturday April 9th at York Hall, London. So if you’re lucky enough to be nearby, what Wananeko goodies can you get at the event?

Well, there will be a limited edition chocolate-colored STRAY colorway who comes with the Ghost Blaster weapon and a nifty header designed by Pedro Delgado. Want something a little more fancy? There will be a super-limited 3-piece edition Outlaw Wananeko, which is hand painted! And he comes with a little poncho, aww. They’ll be at Martian Toys’ booth No. 11-12 if you want to grab one! We’ll also be getting a new resin figure at the event, which hopefully we’ll see in a few days.


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