Wave Offers Up A Surprise Schoolgirl Kureha

Wave has been making more and more Beach Queens and getting farther and farther away from their 1/8 scale figures, but it seems like they’re making a bit of a return. They’ve brought back their “Dream Tech” line with Kureha Touka from Shining Wind, and for once not in a bikini or her battle outfit! I’m thrilled to finally see a schoolgirl Shining figure: I think they have really great academy-style uniforms and I’ve always wanted figures of them. Given that Kureha is also one of my favorite Tony Taka girls (high enough on the list that I own a DD of her!), I’m pretty thrilled. She’ll retail for ¥7,800 with a February release. Let’s just hope this isn’t the last Shining Wind girl they do!

[via Wave]


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